Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jan 27; Noraebang with a BANG.

Day 17
After tae kwan do, Diana, Kristie and I decided to check out the Hello Kitty restaurant near campus. The place was called Best Friends and it was filled with absolute asian cuteness. Here's a tour:
Kristie, Diana, and Hello Kitty!!

Looking at the Korean menu with not many options.
We ended up ordering raymun ddeobokki. Mashisoyo!
Bowl of ramyun ddeobokki + peace juice =  12000 won.
Karaoke, where have you been all my life? 
It was my first time trying to organize something with students here at Sookmyung and I'd like to think it was a great success. I found a noraebang in Hongdae called Luxury Noraebang. Sure, it looked nice in the pictures, but what had really caught my eyes was the free ice cream.  Who doesn't love free ice cream?
Yes, I shit you not. Free all you can eat ice cream.
Luxury Noraebang
I've never been to a karaoke bar before, although it was something that secretly did appeal to me. Going out with the Japanese and Chinese students, who karaoke every so often, was quite the experience --especially since they were all such pros!
Shiho singing the Cat Returns song in Japanese
Hajime chimes in. So awesome!
Peng Wei killing it with his KPop songs.

Instead of two people singing at a time, we made the most of it and group sang for most of the songs.
Rachael singing her heart out to T-Swift
Put Your Hands Up (even if you don't know the song)
If you weren't singing you were either:
1) Chilling
 2) Choosing the next song
3) Eating ice cream
 4) Getting more ice cream
no more ice cream = O
5) Taking pictures
 (don't let here cuteness fool you. This girl is a beast.)
Lachael-ssi! Diana-ssi!
Book of music!
floor of  miniture cuteness!
Things on our one hour setlist included: Taylor Swift's Love Story and You Belong With Me, Kelis's Milkshake, JBieb's Baby, Katy Perry's Hot n Cold, Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without You, 2PM's Put Your Hands Up, T-ARA's Lovey Dovey, and we ended off with Jason Mraz's I'm Yours. 
But the party didn't stop there. We continued to pour our hearts out in song on the subway. Yes, we were somewhat of a public nuisance, ye we got dirty glares, but really who cares.
I never thought I'd sing so much shit music in one evening. Oh Korea, what have you done with me?


  1. omg! the Hello Kitty restaurant in Seoul is so much more cozy!!! feels really "family-like"~
    and Angel...I must say...looking at your blog at night makes me so hungry!>.< I am tempted to cook some Shin ramen now:)

    1. There's a real Hello Kitty Cafe close by the hostel we're staying at too! Nothing in Korea is really familylike. Event e kids amusement park is very couple-y-ish.
      You'll love it here.