Wednesday, December 25, 2013

July 21; Downtime in Osaka

Day 14
Our last day in Osaka was spent exploring the neighbourhood in the rain. We ended up in a Uniqlo, random supermarket where I purchased my unique beverage of the day, a Walmart-y store, and a 100 Yen store/shopping mall sorta place. We always end up in shopping places.

My special purchase, which I called my love potion: Tasted...weird. 
Green DaKaRa = 100 Yen

Apparently, we were residing in a little Manila of some sort.

After the day of gallivanting , we headed back to have dinner and watched 21 Jump Street. Side note: It was actually, so funny! This movie made me like Channing Tatum. 

Night bus to Tokyo! Ugh, an uncomfortable journey.

July 20; encountering americanism in Osaka

Day 13 in Japan; Day 165 in Asia

We decided to check out Little America today. In grade 11, I had to create a travel itinerary for Japan. I vaguely remember specific details about the imaginary trip I whipped up for my Travel and Tourism class, but I did remember I wanted to visit Little America. It's a place in Osaka that  showcases Japanese youth culture's fascination with America.  It definitely had a different atmosphere, unlike any other area we visited. I could feel the American -- the music, brands, fast food chain stores, multicultural shoppers. 

Baby The Stars Shine Bright! <3 A designer lolita brand
We made our way to the Dotonbori area to check out Osaka's downtown night life.
Along the lit up streets of Dotonbori,  we noticed there were fancy dressed males lined up with umbrella in hands, trying to talk to girls. They were male hosts. haaaa...
Not remotely interested in the hosts themselves, the whole business seems fascinating though.  Perhaps research for another day.