Monday, September 24, 2012

May 26; Angel in Heaven

Day 111
Cat and I left early to go to The Temple of Heaven, another one of Beijing's must sees. It was a pretty big park and definitely worth the money. There were quite a few things to see, and in the end I thought it was one of the better tourist attractions in Beijing.
Map of the grounds
The long corridor
The Temple of Good Harvest
model of the main temple
Cat pointing out familiar Chinese characters
Echo wall where Cat was spilling out her Beijing sorrows.
On that little plateau lies once was believed to be the centre of the world
line up to stand in the centre. 
Wedding photos!
Pretty fountains
rose petals
Photo Cred: Cat
flower garden
artist at work
After the park, we went to the Pearl Market where I continued to buy the last of my souvenirs. Cat lead the way to a secret rooftop where you could get a great view of the park.
Angel on a rooftop for her birthday. Could it get any better?
Photo Cred: Cat
My plan was to head back home to shower, nap, and then prep for the events for the evening: Bitteapitta for dinner then Kokomo's for some rooftop dancing then Mix for some more dancing. Cat wanted some passion fruit drank at Xidan, so we went to get the drank and then headed back. We were walking back to the dorm when we ran into Tom, who came back from doing some grocery shopping. On our way back to the dorm, we saw Tanjin and Heys walking towards the station who said they were going to get some McDonald's for themselves and Kristie. Back at the dorm, Hayley visited our room asking about what time we were meeting tonight. Jac visited our room a little after Hayley asking about the itinerary as well. Just before meeting with the gang in the lobby, Cat wanted to pick up some resumes. We exited the elevator and headed towards the meeting room.  I expected to see a tiny stack of papers but what I saw was a gazillion times better. In that little room, EVERYONE was there for a surprise party the girlies put together for my half birthday! I was greeted with a very special surprise and speechless was what I was when the door opened.
Putting it all together, Cat had the difficult job to put up with me for the whole day and keep me distracted while everyone was at the dorm prepping for the evening. On top of that, she gave me a sweet I <3 BJ shirt, as Tanjin and Kristie were modelling.  Tom actually went out to buy some snacks for the party and my half birthday present. Tanjin and Heys didn't actually go to McDonald's to get food for themselves nor Kristie. They asked for Kristie's number to warn her and they were walking towards the subway station to pick up our friends who weren't familiar with the area. Hayley and Jack visited our room to actually get information, but the information they got from me wasn't the most accurate actually haha. Lastly, picking up resumes was just get to me the room

The BEST. 
some of the pretty ladies in attendance
Cam teaching Kristie tai chi
aaah, you guys <3
Photo Cred: Tom
Paper chains that went all around the room, Alice in Wonderland pictures drawn by Sig, cute little notes everywhere.
Wicked job!
Papa John was in charge of the music =)

Presents! Pocket watch from Heys+Mona, Half a bottle of Heinz from  Tom, Tabasco saaauce from Sig,  1/2 beer from Jack (he had 2 cans), flowers from Berney.
Oh you guys know me too well.
Poor Papa John cooling his face.
the cafeteria sure can cook.
Heys and Mona getting more beers from a hole in the wall
They even got my birthday cake! Too spoiled.
looks like I got a fresh tan...
Photo Cred: Cat
My dysfunctional family and friends <3
packing up.
So we packed up the place and then headed to Sanlitun for some partying. First stop: Kokomo! It was a rooftop bar which was like the extra, extra cherry on top of EVERYTHING. When it got a little crowded, we went one floor down to Kai Bar, which was a gay bar with cheap dranks (Papa John recommended), we left that place and then TanG and I heard "what makes you beautiful" at a dead club on floor down from Kai Bar and that horrid song was an automatic draw in. While everyone wondered where we went, we went in one club and then out after the song was done. We lost some people on the way to the final club but still had a strong number.
At first, Mix was going to charge the "non foreign looking" (or was the foreign looking ones.... can't remember one or the other... that's what I get for writing my blog few months late) ones an entrance fee.  After some commotion, we all got in for free.
Mix, expensive draanks
I am certainly one hell of a lucky girl to be surrounded by people who care that much for you.
Thank you all for helping and coming out. 
Special thank you to the sisters who organized this all. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

May 25; roses and tequila

Day 110
Cat and I went to the Botanical Gardens after class.  I learnt that I could not have any expectations because chances are, expectations are better than reality.  The trick is to not have any expectations. Things will surely be better. In the case of the Botanical Gardens it was much prettier than I expected. So many flowers! Roses have never been so pretty.
 There were different areas with different "niches", but things were missing. The magnolia was missing for the Magnolia garden, the lavenders were missing from the lavender garden, the lilacs were missing from the lilac pit, etc. There was bamboo in the bamboo forest though.
Bamboo forest

After an afternoon of pretty things and nature, we reunited with the gang + 2 at Little Branch. We met Andy, (a fellow Canadian!), and Austin (who's from America). I love how we're still meeting new people towards the end of our trip.
Salmon spaghetti - not that great...
I found out they did tequila shots before I came. I was quick to join in the fun.
Sing a Disney song game. 
high five for Tanjin
hug for Tanjin (we know who the favourite is :P)
Sig + PJ 1
Sig + PJ 2
This huge thing appears magically (with the help us a Chinese man)
beer hogs.