Monday, September 10, 2012

May 25; roses and tequila

Day 110
Cat and I went to the Botanical Gardens after class.  I learnt that I could not have any expectations because chances are, expectations are better than reality.  The trick is to not have any expectations. Things will surely be better. In the case of the Botanical Gardens it was much prettier than I expected. So many flowers! Roses have never been so pretty.
 There were different areas with different "niches", but things were missing. The magnolia was missing for the Magnolia garden, the lavenders were missing from the lavender garden, the lilacs were missing from the lilac pit, etc. There was bamboo in the bamboo forest though.
Bamboo forest

After an afternoon of pretty things and nature, we reunited with the gang + 2 at Little Branch. We met Andy, (a fellow Canadian!), and Austin (who's from America). I love how we're still meeting new people towards the end of our trip.
Salmon spaghetti - not that great...
I found out they did tequila shots before I came. I was quick to join in the fun.
Sing a Disney song game. 
high five for Tanjin
hug for Tanjin (we know who the favourite is :P)
Sig + PJ 1
Sig + PJ 2
This huge thing appears magically (with the help us a Chinese man)
beer hogs.

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