The list

Here's my bucket list for this trip, in no particular order.
I'm open to suggestions, so feel free to comment!

Things to do:
[XX] Noraebang (karaoke)
[X] Photobooth
[X] *nerd alert* Go to Myeongdong to retrace the phone date between Minam and Shinwoo in the Korean Drama You're Beautiful.
[X] buy my very first Korean CD - Clazziquai
[X] Haircut!
[ ] For DK: Find F.T. Island and tell them to visit Toronto.
[X] Lotte World
[X] Jjimiljilbang
[X] Korean clubbing
[X] Traditional Tea

Things to see:
[X] N Seoul Tower (Korea's version of Toronto's very own CN Tower)

Things to eat:
[X] Tteokbokki at a pojangmacha (street vendor)
[ ] Coffine Gurunaru

Beyond my expectations:
[X] Free Hugs
[X] Ice Skating
[X] Indian food with Tanjin
[XXXXXX] Meeting wonderful people whom I hope to keep in touch with

Things to do:
[X] teach little chinese kids about canadian culture and english.
[X The Avengers!] movie theatre - apparently there are half price tuesdays!
[xkindof] shuffle on the great wall of china.
[X] concert

Things to see:
[X] The Great Wall of China (duh)
[X] Forbidden City
[X] Summer Palace
[X] Bird's Nest
[X] The Temple of Heaven

Things to eat:
[X] Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant
[X] hole in the wall

I feel like I'm missing something major... Oh ya, the main reason I'm going there:
[ ] Get my credits

Beyond my expectations:
[X] Find a family


  1. To add to your Things to do, stalk my favourite group and tell them to come back to Toronto! Maybe I'll see you when I'm there!

  2. the food in the hello kitty place is not great...( I went to the one in Taiwan)just to warn u:) but they're really cute at least~ another thing to add to the list for things to do in China.....MUST go to night market!!:) I wonder if they have those in Korea..also....LOTTE theme park( in Korea) if you want to stalk stars~:)hehe~

    P.S. your list will be a part of mine next year!:)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Annie! We'll probably try it out the restaurant anyways so hopefully it'll be better. Also, I really hope I can meet a celebrity!