Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 24; the downside of travel: airports & typhoon weather

Day 169;

My mom emailed me in the morning to notify me about the current weather situation in Hong Kong and Beijing.There had been some major flooding in Beijing, our stopover, that caused 30+ deaths in rural Beijing. And apparently, a level 10 typhoon hit Hong Kong, our destination.  The last time the typhoon was that bad was in the 90s. So ya, I was a little worried.

We boarded our first flight from Tokyo to Beijing. No problems. 

Plane was kinda old school and breakfast was meh. Eggs, wedges, fruits, and yoghurt. I missed Japanese food already. Entertainment-wise, we watched the  Taiwanese movie, Ai. I remember first seeing the promotional picture back in Beijing and saying, I wanna watch that movie. A lot of time had past but I still did not forget about the movie. In fact, everytime I saw anything related to the movie I got excited. It was the medley of different actors that appealed to me. Not to mention it was also a pretty poster. I thought it would have been a Taiwanese version of He's Just Not That Into You or Valentine's Day.
Verdict: 6/10. Not satisfied. Storyline wasn't exciting. The relationships were okay. Nothing all too memorable. My expectations were too high.

back to mainland faces
Upon arrival on the mainland, we found out that we would be delayed for a few hours. The airline provided us with food that was worst than the school cafeterias.
bland airport food. (thank goodness for Tabasco sauce)
Ugh, with that wasted time we could have gone back to the residence to see the family. There were free phones in the terminal that allowed you to call anyone in Beijing, so I took advantage of it and called up a few friends. They're definitely missed and so it was good to hear from them after a long day of travel.

When we finally got on the plane hours later, we were pleased to find a proper entertainment system with lots of choices...and American TV shows galore! How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Adventure Time, Parks and Rec. I also watched a Hong Kong movie called A Beautiful Life (which made me cry at the end). Much better than Ai. Movies and wine on a plane - not a bad way to relax after this bumpy road.

Because of the delayed and cancelled flights, the airport parking lot was busy so we had to wait an additional hour on the plane before unloading. By the time we got out, it was dark and still raining. Did not want to step out into the night time terror, sooo we decided to spend another night in the airport.

Airport sleepover take 2!

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