Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 25; upsides of travel: when things go smoothly

Day 170

After awaking in another airport, we were ready to accomplish two main goals today:
1) find our hostel
2) get our visa

 Hong Kong and Kowloon are relatively small regions making it easy to navigate. We found our hostel with ease and were warmly greeted by the nice Filipino receptionist (I'm surprised at how large the Filipino community is here).  HOSTEL = CHECK!
chilling at the hostel 
! After refilling the wallet at a currency exchange (there is no shortage of them), we refueled  at a vegetarian restaurant for lunch, and then headed to the Visa office. At the China Resources Centre, we waited about 20 minutes outside and then 15 minutes inside. The process was surprisingly fast and easy -- ugh, I wonder why Toronto could not have been like that. With our hostel booked and visas in process so much weight (literally -backpackers bags are heavy! and metaphorically- the visa situation was getting me kind of anxious) was lifted. All we could do was relax. :) VISA = CHECK!

We met up with Catherine's friend, Eric, once more for dinner. 
delicious food.
Photo Cred: Cat
Story behind these nervous smilesThe lady who took this picture didn't realize that the doors were coming down on her. 
We had amazing food and while we were eating, Eric sneakily went to the washroom and paid for the meal. Honestly, all these nice people we meet! I.O.Us are most definitely in order.

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