Tuesday, September 4, 2012

May 12; blocked direction to Hello Kitty and wrong direction Annie's

Day 97
So we had an early night out last night because we were supposed to go hiking today. We woke up this morning to gloomy, drizzling, cold, and gross weather. We thought it was a sign that we shouldn't go so we skipped the great wall AGAIN and used the morning to sleep in.

While Cat went to explore the natural beauties of Beijing's landscapes, the rest of us went to checkout the new Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant. Outside the mall, there was some sort of MasterChef competition. Unfortunately, Gordon Ramsey was nowhere to be found...
So here we are at he Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant. It was really not that hard to find....
Advertisements outside the shop
The waitresses were dressed in pink maid costumes. 
We got booth seats. The jewel buttons on the seat. 
Everything was soo hello kitty cute. 
After gushing over the options on the menu, we decided on three things:
Fruit Salad - it was really nothing special.
Ginger Cake - It had an interesting flavour.
Chocolate mousse cake - My favourite.
Even the guys had to wear cute uniforms.
Over all, things looked better than it tasted but really who goes to a Hello Kitty restaurant to eat good food?   It's the theme that's more of the appeal, not the food... Speaking of good food.....
Spinach Ravioli with ricotta cheese filling. mmmm.
I invited Tom and Berney out for dinner with us after we finished with our girly business. I told the guys to meet us for dinner at Annie's Italian Restaurant (chain restaurant). Little did I know that I actually gave them the wrong location. We got it all figured out eventually. It was an honest mistake that made me feel horrible for the rest of the evening but I'm so so grateful to have amazing people as my friends and who put up with my stupidness.

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  1. Honest mistakes do not = stupidness!! You better take that back. And the hello kitty restaurant kinda looked creepy. I was half expecting you to come out dressed all in pink as well with a lacy apron!