Saturday, September 8, 2012

May 13; building a home

Day 98
My friend, Berney, got a new apartment and so I got to play the role of an interior decorator.
(So if I didn't fall into teaching, my back up plans would have been party planning and interior decorating.)
After going to IKEA to pick up some last minute stuff from the apartment, we went back to his place to start assembling and decorating. Ordering furniture online is really cheap in China, but the quality isn't always guaranteed. They don't always include instructions to how to build something though.
one of a kind shelf (because there were lots of pieces but no manual.)
looks pretty good in my opinion.
yes, I can assemble stuff.
fully equipped kitchen
As thanks for helping him build his new home, Berney made an amazing seafood themed dinner. 
Appetizer: Belgium clams.
Main: Seafood spaghetti
The best I've tasted
Dessert: fresh berry smoothie
After I returned back to the dorm, I realized what a confined space I have. I miss the convenience of a 2 second walk to the kitchen and having space to roll around on the carpet..

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