Sunday, September 9, 2012

May 20; Xiaoni takes us shopping, part II

Day 105
Apparently, outlet malls do exist in Beijing and our friend Xiaoni, was going to take us to the Converse one. I am a frequent outlet shopper back in North America so I was hoping to get some cheaply priced authentic goods today.
Fueling up on food:
whoaa, Canadian pizza?
 Outlet Mall:
I admit, I was really disappointed with the selection of items and the prices. I went out with nothing more than what I went in with... but the one down
 Xiaoni gave us a little tour of her university. 
We split ways for dinner. I headed to Berney's for an Asian themed menu:
Japanese Udon and Sushi, Korean ddeotbokki, annnd shellfish
So when my friend cooks, there is never just a main. There's always something before it, with it, and after it. Ha, I don't even get this kind of treatment at home. 

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