Saturday, September 8, 2012

May 17; A night stroll in the park of bright lights and pride

Day 102
Beijing hosted the Olympics in 2008. During that year, the Olympic Park was the centre of all the Olympic festivities, with the Bird's Nest being the centre of it all.With it's intricate design and lights shining through the weave like structure, the Bird's Nest was a really pretty sight.

unlit Olympic Torch
Across the Bird's Nest is the Water Cube. It holds an Olympic size pool and is now a water park.
reenacting the Notebook scene.
We found the food market!
Just after Kristie took the picture, the lights switched off. 
walk back to the subway station
This sheep approaches Sigrid and Catherine. I decided to watch from behind the  gates.
The sheep did a lot of posing. And then had the audacity to ask for 10 RMB. Hells no!  We ran away after Cat deleted her photos. I still kept mine however. muahaha

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