Monday, September 10, 2012

May 23; spontaneity at its best.

Day 108

I taught my kids the words "vegetarian" and "pescatarian" today. Wasn't a part of the curriculum, but I thought they were important words. I found out one kid is a vegetarian. Pretty coool.

My last class of the day was cancelled because they were rehearsing for a singing competition. Yay me! Sooo, what to do with all the spare time.... SHOPPING!
Tanjin, Sigrid, and I headed out to the Wudaokou Clothing Market to take a look at the goods one last time.  As we were looking through pretty scarves and accessories, Papa John called to ask what we were doing.
Me: "We're doing our favourite past time"
PJ: "Ohh... daydreaming about rooftops and shit cause you'll never get one"
Me: "no.... </3. shopping"
PJ: "boooooring" annnd then he proceeds to invite us to this hidden beer garden around the area....
We eventually joined him and Uncle Skippy at the beer garden and then left them to continue drinking while we went to get food with Kristie joining us later.
Mixed Spicy Seafood - 48 RMB (~$7.65 CND)

As the night was still young and PJ rejoins us, we hopped to different places. I didn't want to stay out too late since I had to teach at 8:00 the next morning, but I ended up staying way past my bedtime. We stopped by Lush, a student bar where we shared an "Epic sized" drink.
 Epic Sized Hurricane Jane - 120 RMB
 and then we went dancing.
Spontaneous clubbing is fuuuun.

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