Tuesday, August 28, 2012

May 11; The food truth strikes again

Day 96
It's Friday!!! Which means....class, zoo market, then dinner with friends.

Hayley (the food truth as TanG calls her) introduced us to Mr. Shi's dumplings last month. That place was hard to find as it was in alleys but it was really good. Today, Hayley recommended we try a vegetarian buffet. As a pescetarian, I was like hell ya, but for many the idea of a veggie food fair wasn't as exciting as I thought it was.
Dinner buffet = 88 RMB
alfalfa sprouts were my favourite!
too busy stuffing faces while Papa John tells a story
It was a feast fit for a veggie queen/king and I believe everyone came out happy, as I came out ecstatic!

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