Tuesday, August 28, 2012

May 9; drinking buckets on a lesson planning weeknight.

Day 94
Kris and I went to La Bamba's to do a bit to lesson plan for the rest of the week.
potato spudsters + lesson planning = winning combo
potato spudsters, as i learned, was just potato balls in batter. 

Bars in Wudaokou have different specials every night. Tonight, we realized these specials change every so often...
One of the usual bars we go to, Wu, had wonderful Wednesday special: free drinks from 8:00pm 'till late. When we arrived, they changed the special: open bar for 20 RMB for ladies and 50 RMB for men. Although it was a fantastic sounding deal, we found another place since we didn't feel like drinking on this lovely Wednesday night. We spent the rest of the evening at Helen's, one of my favourite student hangouts, with Tanjin plus papa John and David.
and so we did end up drinking
Bucket = 45RMB 

Fact: Our dysfunctional family tree just got bigger! David was inducted into our family.

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