Friday, August 24, 2012

May 6; Birthday weekend continued... featuring The Avengers

Day 91
Tanjin and Heys' birthday weekend celebration continued into Sunday with Pyros pizza for brunch followed by The Avengers.
Kristie and I had our own pre-movie plans... sleeping in and Paris Baguette to follow.
garlic toast
After our very exciting, professional, interesting discussion of last night (my cries of excitement created a very loud soundtrack in the cafe), we met up with the gang after their two hour all you can eat pizza session. After hearing people’s impressions of me, I realized I have a really high voice. And I also talk really “happily.” I also talk/act, as Heys describes it, like a gay man. At first I was confused because obviously I’m not a man nor am I gay. What he meant to say was that I’m feminine and gay men are feminine, and maybe a little flamboyant. Instead of calling me a girly-girl/girl/whatever else words you’d use, gay man was the one he choose. And little would I know, that is what people would start describing me as…

Alright, so there was one movie I really wanted to watch this year, and that was The Avengers. I was pretty excited to find out this movie was actually releasing in China. Pluuus, we got to watch it during the same opening weekend as North America and in 3D too! The movie theatre was clean and up to western standards.The popcorn on the other hand -- it was sweet (as expected) but ugh, popcorn is a food that should be salty... and made extra salty with butter. That was the only thing that was disappointing, but I'll admit, I was pretty impressed with my first movie theatre experience in Eastern Asia.

Oh and as for the movie: awesome!
Fact#1: I thought Hawk Eye was hot guy and I wondered why Chris Evans/Capt'n America wasn't called Hot guy instead.

Fact#2: I was losing my voice again. Dammit, Beijing air!

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