Thursday, August 23, 2012

May 5; Happy Half Birthday Tanjin and Heys!

Day 90
The most talked about event this week had finally arrived: Tanjin and Heys half birthday!
People were soo ready to eat Indian food, drink, and sing. (Mmmm, those are a few of my favourite things!)
But before the celebrations began, Kristie, the birthday girl, and had a little pre-celebration with Chris Hemsworth and a hair straightener... i.e. we watched Thor and played with Tanjin's hair. *Thor was so good, I can't believe I hadn't watched it before.
Let the night commence!
We got that pre-prom feeling
Asians can fly.
ruining Papa John's moment
wasps...that weren't invited.
It was quite the show up at the Ganges restaurant.
Sigrid joins us after a week! =) 
Zhang, Jeff, and Cam talking about stuff.
John and Berney
Jack joins us for the first time!
Kristie and Catherine after their meal.
Heys brought some of his new hiking friends.
Heys testing out his new back scratcher from Mona.
Jeff comes over to help us calculate the bill. 
big fat bill for the 16 people who showed up.
After paying that bill, the restaurant gave us a plate of watermelon --on the house!
It's like they knew watermelon was the birthday princess' favourite fruit.
Some of the gang had to leave before going to Wu bar, but we were still 10 people strong!
chilling on the rooftop
I spy tequila shots. 
1 shot.
2 shot.
Chocolate Kiss -
soo gooood!
Mona and Heys acting all cute
Cat and Angel and Zhang
Birthday duo (with Jeff's eye creeping in the corner)
Jeff, Tanjin, and Kristie hanging/plotting
Wu bartendeeeer with Tanjin and her wingman (w/ Kristie and David creeping)
Birthday girl and I
Bernard and I
We headed to KTV to do a bit of singing, trolling, and of course wandering. Room hopping is pretty fun since foreigners are usually willing/wanting to talk to other foreigners. 
Zhang, Jeff, and Catherine getting hyped up for some karaoke!
Uncle Heys and Agnel.
don't need? We totally need 1D.
really get into the song
Heys probably singing some Beatles
Still not ready to go to bed yet, we went to La Bamba's to tire ourselves out with a game of pool.
Still going strong.
Seeing the sunrise in bed,  that's when you know it had been a good night.

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