Wednesday, August 15, 2012

May 4; There were no lamas in this temple.

Day 89
The weather in Beijing had been getting nicer and there were a hell of a lot of things we had yet to do. Instead of going straight to the shopping centres like we usually do, we opted for something a little more touristy and visited the Lama Temple.
Entrance fee: 12 RMB for students (with the help of Kristie’s “student” card)

 helping Catherine spin that three times and making a wish.

a look inside one of the many temples
We couldn’t completely cut out shopping. Since TanG’s half birthday was tomorrow, we needed the finishing touches to the birthday outfits: black pumps. We went to Xidan with a mission: to get what we needed and leave. The best part of the trip was we actually got what we wanted and left right after.  Not only that, but the lady at the accessories stores recognized us and gave us each a free clip. If that’s not a good shopping trip, then I don’t know what is. 
From school, to a temple, then shopping after, we ended up back home to have dinner with the family at our favourite local restaurant.
patio season =)
story telling
Raf modelling my hair accessories
sprite tower
 Competition time!: ranking innocence. Although it was predicted by a few I was the most innocent, Kristie won hands down (just as I predicted). I actually was the least innocent.
Here's the innocent one doing her best Keira Knightley impression (really good impression too!):
having too much fun. 

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  1. Great great pictures! Everyone makes good models.