Tuesday, June 19, 2012

May 1; Shopping in Solana

Day 86
Random fact: some yoghurts and cheesecakes contains gelatin. As a pescatarian: bummer.

Today was the last day of the May holiday. As the other girls stayed in to lesson plan, I hung out with my friend, Berney. We went to Solana, a really nice European inspired plaza full of brand name stores, much of which reminded me of home. China is a really cheap country, but when it comes to brand names Canada and China are relatively the same, if not Canada is a better place to shop.
I was even surprised to see an American Eagle Outfitters.

Movie Theatre - yes, that's an advertisement for The Avengers in the background!

We had dinner at one of the many lakeside restaurants. The restaurant we went to was appropriately called Water.

First time lakeside dining =)
seafood spaghetti, yumm

And I thought being back in Beijing meant knowing the area thus NOT getting lost, but we ended up getting lost-ish on the way back to the subway station. Getting lost with a Chinese person? – there’s always a first for everything.

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  1. I want to sit on one of those glowing benches!