Thursday, October 4, 2012

May 27; post-birthday non-shenanigans

Day 112
My day began shortly after coming home from last night's event. I taught, showered, and caught up with the rest of the gang at Pyro's. While I was doing that, poor Tanjin was getting poked by thorns. One of her students decided it would be cool to throw his shoe into a bush full of roses. Really? A bush full of throny roses? Kids do the darnest things.

I went to Berney's for dinner (yay for home cooked food!) and he made one of my favouriteees.
seafood spaghetti already prepared =)
So the plan after peeling a basket full of mangoes, was to make cheesecake. We ended up making this instead:
mango cake/pudding. 
reason the cake was in a frying pan. 
So after an hour, the cake didn't exactly mold properly... but it tasted sooo much better than it looked. 
Fact: Mango flavoured anything can never taste bad.

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