Sunday, March 24, 2013

June 29; feeling home-y in Shanghai

Day 145

Waking up to beautiful blue skies, especially after the past days of dull grey and gloomy weather, was absolutely wonderful.To add to the good looking morning, we have a lovely patio breakfast our lovely host.
patio view
After preparing breakfast, we helped do the dishes and sweep the floor.
It's so nice to live in an actual home.
         It's so comfortably home-y.
               I can't wait to have my own place.
birds near the pond
Before exploring the city, we make a stop at the bakery to grab some food. I was never a fan of bakery food back in Canada, but I admit... I'm really enjoying it here in China. It's not that it tastes better here, but I think it's just the familiarity of it that makes me actually enjoy it.

We explore the French concession area again. The architecture and trees found in this area are not of Chinese origin (unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of the houses). Sometimes, I forget I'm in China.
Sycamore tree lined streets
And then you see Chinese people and you are reminded that you are in fact still in China.
We found a nice park where the locals were engaged in many activities like badminton, chess, Tai Chi, and even karaoke!
Kristie and I went to Carrefour to buy some ingredients to make our ever so hospitable host dinner. 2 girls who love food and have been away from a multicultural Toronto for far too long, walking into Carrefour's imported products section results to crazy squealing and uncontrollable excitement.

 On the menu tonight, fish with spaghetti and a side salad.

cooking in the kitchen =)
I definitely wanna cook more when I get back :)

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