Sunday, March 24, 2013

June 30; Hanging with Heys

Day 146

Our friend came to Shanghai from Beijing today -- Hey Heys, we saved the day for you!
We had lunch with a great view of the financial district and the World Financial Center (aka the bottle opener, because the building looks like a bottle opener)
Photo Cred: Cat

perfect on a hot and humid day like today
Mango Slush - 19 RMB (~$3 CND)
XO Fried Rice
Our host brought us dessert -- she's too nice!
We wandered around the Bund area, taking Heys on a mini tour of the most popular areas of Shanghai. We covered a lot of ground actually:
Pearl Tower
Huang River - never realized how dirty it was.
Ferry Ride - 2 RMB for a 10 min ride.

smoggy day today
We found a Muslim Chinese restaurant to have dinner at and to remind us of the good times in Xi'erqi (our home in Beijing), and our friend went off to England after that. It's sad to say goodbye (again), but coincidentally we are planning to arrive to Beijing on the same day he comes back! So see you soon Uncle Heys =)

Oh, but before ending off the night, we look for some Canada Day celebrations on Laowai Street (foreigners street). It looks like there are quite a few places that will be celebrating. woo hoo!