Sunday, May 26, 2013

July 8: Welcome to Japan! irashaimase!

Day 1 in Japan; Day 153 in Asia

When I was twelve I made it my dream/life goal, to go to Japan. It started with a love for anime and video games. That soon spread for a love for Japanese pop culture, and eventually a love for the country. Nine years later, my love for the pop culture wore out however, I still felt like I was destined to go there. And whattaya know, found out dreams do come true. :)

At 8:30 a.m, we were en route to Japan. However, before we could reach Japan, we had a transfer on the mainland. We were once again back in Beijing. Mixed feelings about this, but I admit... Beijing was sort of missed. 
Airplane food: seafood noodles for breakfast
Lunch was gross and not picture worthy.

We finally arrived at 5:00 p.m. Those first steps off the plane and first breathe of Japanese air will forever be remembered. The Narita International airport was located about an hour away from our hostel, which we later found was tucked away pretty damn well.  We had our first taste of the amazing subway system and it was helluva confusing! The actual subway stations, platforms, transfers, and there were stops that weren't even on the map.
Tokyo Subway System
To throw us off even more, we had to decode addresses with 3 separate numbers in front of the street name (ex: 32-78-38 Maple Steet). After a while of traveling, searching, and asking we checked into our hostels.
We were greeted by the manager and two other hostel stayers. We found our rooms to, literally, be a floor separated by walls and a door. While some of us were provided with futons, others had a mattress.
Here's a look at my place when I went in:
Oh, where did the luxury go?
After rearranging our "rooms", we went on the hunt for food. We found a place not too far from the hostel.
Fried Rice = 420 Yen (~$4.25 CND)
Angel in Tokyo!
Photo Cred: Cat
Although it was super late out and our hostel was tucked away in a small street, I had no fear of criminal activities, for Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. yay Japan! Back at the hostel, I talked to one of the two hostel stayers. It's always fun to hear what others think in regards of age and ethnicity. This time around, he thought I was Korean and 16. 

Final thought:
I am pleased to say that my Japanese is finally was coming in use!
Can't believe I'm finally here! Ahhhhhhh-

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