Friday, July 5, 2013

July 11; a day with miyazaki

Day 4
I have had a great fascination with Japan since early childhood. It started with an early exposure to animes like Sailor Moon and then gaming with Pokemon. Miyazaki movies definitely had its impact on me too. Today, I was lucky enough to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mikata, a cute little suburban town in Tokyo. I could have died of happiness when we arrived there.
The tickets were timed and we had more than an hour to spare. We wandered around the cute little town for a bit to find some wonderful things. In one store, there was an assortment of items from kitchen ware to cosmetics. Thought: when I get a house, I will buy my furnishings from Japan. We went into Japan's version of (the now bankrupt) Blockbusters.
True Blood!
Wandering the residential area
so pretty.
With the purchase of a ticket, we were not only granted admission to the musuem, but also we were given a ticket to watch a short film in the Saturn theater at the museum and also a little piece of film as a keepsake
(I got 3 frames from Spirited Away).

All the films that play in the Saturn Theatre are museum exclusives.  The short film that was showing for that day was called "The Day I Harvested a Star." Although it was a short, it did not lack the elements of a good Miyazaki movie. The mix of fantasy with a hint of steam punk is always a win with me.
Unfortunately, you could not take pictures in the museum so you'll just have to go there to see it for yourself. For a very brief rundown of what to expect, there were three floors of amazingness and even the washrooms were lovely! There was a special exhibit from someone outside of the Ghibli family, the Saturn theatre, real work from miyazaki, his inspiration, models, a gift shop, and a cute outdoor restaurant.
indoor elevator
Robot from Laputa
 Outdoors menu and restaurant 

The bus stop.
Totoro the receptionist
An afternoon of awing made me hungry for some wacky Japanese snack. I chose the takoyaki flavoured chips for some adventure. Note: takoyaki is octopus balls but these chips were just seasoned with takoyaki seasoning.
I returned back to the dorm with dinner: and a new umbrella Ella Ella eh eh eh (finally got an umbrella from Japan).
hostel dining
my tofu wrapped rice. yumm.
Companies often hand out packets of tissue on the street advertising their business. Handy. 
Ah.  I hope this honeymoon stage never ends.

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