Friday, July 26, 2013

July 14; Looking down on Tokyo, literally.

Day 7 
In the one extra day in Tokyo, we went to the 45th floor of the Tokyo metropolitan building to admire the city from a 360 observatory deck.
Metro building and sculpture garden
On a clear day you can see Mt.Fuji. 
picnic? market? 
model of the building. Observatory floor is in one of those towers
There was a gift shop selling some interesting things:
bullet train chopsticks
We continued our Tokyo tour with a trip to Shinjuku. Once we passed by the uber tempting shopping areas, we found a nice udon place for dinner.
Making fresh udon
Udon with strong soup and fish tempura - 380 Yen

Ja mata Tokyo, see you in a week.

Next city: Kyoto!

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