Saturday, January 5, 2013

June 20; bon voyage

Day 136
Today is the day when our real summer begins. I have prepared a few outfits, my medical bag, essential toiletries, 6ish rolls of toilet paper, chargers, important documents, and a few souvenirs for the two month of the backpacking tour of Eastern Asia. (exhausted just thinking about it).
one last family portrait before we separate
Photo Cred: TanG
After we said our final goodbyes to some friends and see you later to others, we made our way to the train station. The train ride will take approximately 12-14ish hours. It's not as bad as it sounds because it's an overnight train and we have sleepers, food, and Mean Girls.
along with our personal belongings, we had 3 bags of food. 
watching Mean Girls
The lights in the train shut off around 10. Quiet time.

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