Saturday, January 5, 2013

June 19; final supper

Day 135
I finish packing in the morning. Everything that has been with me for the last 6 months has been put away. I'm glad I'm done packing but anxiety looms around me and everything I do. I'm excited to move forward but there's a major part of me that wants to stay and continue the life I have adjusted to. 

I visit my great aunt once more before I leave Beijing. She cooks up a wonderful lunch. 
home cooked meal
doggy that barks a lot. 
I come back to the dorm for dinner for the last time. Sig calls it the "last supper" haha.
in front of the teacher residence.
I was determined to get a fancy room like the last time we came here.
 It was definitely the fanciest of all rooms!
Signing TanG's yearbook
great group of friends
gonna miss these guys!
I might have mentioned it before, but in there is literally a hole in the wall. Behind that hole in the wall, is a little Chinese man and a mini convenient store. There are stock shelves with all sorts of convenient store essentials. Really convenient since it's right across the street from us. 
purchasing chips from the hole in the wall
Photo Cred: Cat
We watch The Simpsons (one of the LGBT themed episodes of course) and there ended the final night in which the dysfunctional family would fine dine and spend family tv time together. 

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