Saturday, January 5, 2013

June 21; Shanghai huangyingni

Day 137
good morning Cat!
We arrive the station in good time, find the hostel with ease, get a really nice room to ourselves, and I have a proper shower. The staff at the hostel are pretty friendly too.
our room
After freshening up, we get some real food in the hostel's dining area.
fried rice
Fried rice = 22RMB (more pricey than other hostels we stayed at, but makes sense since it's a big city)
The fried rice actually had no meat in it! Usually when I get egg fried rice, I always find ham in it.  Definitely a good start.
What's Sig and TanG looking at?
With not a moment to waste, we decide to explore the M50 art district, like Beijing's 798 or Toronto's Kensington.
train station
impressive walkway above the heavy traffic

Bank of TanG!
After walking for quite a while, we finally had some sort of hint that we were going in the right direction. 
We kept on following the graffiti-ed wall
Hey Korean Jesus!
Found more awesome graffiti in an alleyway
Art centre and giant paint brush
would have loved to see some Marvel stuff
my favourite!

spotted in an art gallery 
the basement had really nice sofas
tired? or body is ready?
We briefly reunite with a friend we met on our exchange in Korea. =)
Hui-Feng had a really cute Polaroid camera
Dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant.

Mackerel set = 38 RMB
We have our first taste of Shanghai nightlife at the Bund where we see the famous Shanghai skyline along with the beautiful architecture that reminded me of someone that doesn't seem to belong in China. It's a whole other side of China that I never knew existed.
pretty lotus building
"lovers' lane"
On the day we decided to check out the Bund area, we saw a lot of couples taking photos. They had flashy clothes, lights, make up assistants, the whole shabang. Some sort of photo shoot where couples reenact cliche lover poses, like the iconic Leo and Kate in the film Titanic.
Tanjin decodes the ancient Chinese hieroglyphs and retells the story of a young girl and her struggles.
 Shanghai, you have made a great impression on me already. 

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