Monday, December 31, 2012

June 18; d&d the final round

Day 134

Last week, we were told the processing time of getting a Chinese visa would be 3 hours. It was hard to believe, but hey they know more about the system than we do.  Today, we take a two hour bus ride and wait another 2 hours for our turn in line only to find out that the processing time takes 5 days. Fckng shit are you kidding me right now... We walk away from the fancy bureau with whatever we came in with and nothing more but utter disappointment...
After eating my feelings back at the dorm, I feel a bit better. It’s time for the final game of dungeons and dragons.

 The story thus far: The crew must retrieve information about Årkiva in order to claim their reward. After travelling for three days, the crew arrives at their final destination, a deserted wharf town. The story left off after the discovery of a secret passage.

The crew cautiously makes their way down the lightless flight of stairs. With a little help of magic, the area becomes visible and we see three paths. Mance Rayder decides to part ways and as a result we all fell apart. Camino and Godric do not find anything of interest on their path. Anteres and Atticus find a room of dead bodies, and Mance Rayder and Eppy find a swampy area with some fishy looking bad guys. Mance Rayder and Ippy engage in battle with the enemies, but being outnumbered wear them both out.  In critical condition and almost drowning in the swamp, Murdoch (Tom) appears in their chamber to help them out. The sound of combat echoes through the underground and reunites the crew to the swamp chamber.  The battle is won and the crew continues on to the last chamber together. The chamber is occupied by a giant lobster and his seamen. They do not speak English, but one of Anteres’ skill is understanding the language of aquatic. Anteres speaks with them and discovers that something is coming to claim ÅrkivaÅrkiva will soon be swallowed by the sea. Murdoch examines the room and finds a secret door. The chamber holds plenty of valuable items and some pews. At the front of the room lie the missing town folks. The dead folks are bundled together with one man who gasps for breathe. The water begins to rise and the crustacean warns the gang to leave or they will be trapped underwater. The crew leaves the town behind, watching the wet sea cover every trace of the deserted town. As dusk arrives, the gang finds a place to camp out for the night. A spirit approaches them and invites them to check out a clandestine area which holds secrets that may be of value. Murdoch willingly follows the little spirit to a little cave. The spirit reveals himself to be Odo the Trickster. Inside the cave lies a shebear with her two cubs. So much for treasure. They leave the cave and see the Trickster again. This time, Camino follows Odo to an empty cave with inscriptions on the walls. Back at camp, Mance Rayder is heavily asleep.

Back in the real world, it’s late and we call it a night. That ends the final session of D&D in BJ.

Things I will miss about BJ: playing dungeons and dragons
Things I won’t miss about BJ: miscommunication

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