Wednesday, December 5, 2012

June 3; housewarming

Day 119

After officially ending off the birthday celebrations with a trip to Pyro's, we headed off to Berney's place for his overdue house warming. We stopped by the grocery store to pick up some things...and takes some pictures:
what's that American holding? PBR. 

As I was navigating to get to the apartment, Papa John said: "Agnel, it'd probably be faster if you told us the things you do know."
At the apartment, I tried to gain some intelligent points. Did it work? Probably not lol
Me: "Guess who help'd him build that?" *points to shelf*
P.J: "Cat?"
Me: "Nooo, me."
P.J.: "You actually do something?"
As for the rest of the housewarming,  Tanjin and the gang got their chicken wangs and Berney was a great host. definitely a fun fun night!

Side note: I cannot wait to have my own place!

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