Thursday, December 13, 2012

June 9; Happy real birthday Zhang!

Day 125
After five 1/2 birthday's, we finally got to celebrate a whole one. Our friend Zhang was turning the big 2-0 this weekend! After arriving home just before 6 am in the morning, I slept in until 3:45. That's the latest I've ever slept and I'm actually surprised my body didn't automatically up like it normally does. Still... so... sleepy.
I start my day/ We start the evening off at La Bamba's for Zhang's birthday dinner. It is a decent sized place, however it gets packed fast, especially on weekends. The tables available are quite small so we split the group so we're not sitting on top of each other.
hey friends on the other side..
Tanjin looking all purdy
The burrito is bigger than my face
Photo Cred: Tom
Then Cafe Bros for dessert (Auntie Tom's idea of course)
Strawberry pie = 22 RMB
Then Wu Bar for some drinks
Kamekazi and tequila shooters courtesy of the birthday boy
hey gang
Then KTV
song picking
Cat singing with Zhang's Chinese friends!
They're singing a Chinese song!
(go cat!)
"homies 4 lyfe"
Lying on the floor?
Someone must have taken this pic when I was out of the room. 
There have always been some sort of encounters with random foreigners whenever we karaoke-d. Tanjin and I decided to take a stroll around the vicinity looking for some foreigners to chill with and the only ones we find are the ones we know: Tom and John, who were eating popcorn and playing games that could somehow link to Arnold Schwarzenegger. KTV was surprisingly dead but we had a good time and more importantly Zhang had a great time. Happy Birthday Zhang =)

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