Saturday, December 29, 2012

June 12; starting of seasons and closing off the semester

Day 128

My friend gave me a dose of Chef Gordon Ramsay today: the premier episodes of Masterchef AND Hell's Kitchen. Yumm.
As I munch on my mac and cheese (I mistakenly chose the weird sweetened milk from the cafe instead of normal milk which made it taste weird so I loaded it with pepper to cover the weird milk taste), I watch some Ramsay. When my mac and cheese and tv time ends, I look up at the room and realize it is not my mom's room, the room where I would normally watch Ramsay's shows. I kind of miss the unnecessary commentary my mother usually gives while watching reality shows. After daydreaming about home, I return back to write my final essay. Ugh, ya it's not all fun and games. I have to write essays and journals too.

On another note, I ran into our head coordinator/boss/go-to-person today and she is organizing a farewell party for us. You know time is running out when you have final papers to write and farewell parties to attend.  : (

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