Sunday, December 30, 2012

June 15; kung fu food and they say thanks with more food

Day 131
More endings! It's the last day of being a legit foreign exchange student. We celebrate it with some of our new Chinese friends and the professor at a unique concept restaurant called Feng Bo Zhuang. It has a really cool traditional kung fu theme where the decor replicates and create an atmosphere where it feels like you're actually on set in an old kung fu movie. To top that off, the staff are dressed in old fashioned kung fu uniforms. Ordering is sort of a la carte. The servers bring dishes to the table and if you want it, than you take it. If you don't want it, they'll take it back. You pay for what you eat. To my minimal understanding, the server does take requests and offers suggestions so dishes are not completely arbitrary.
our friends =)
also, you can kind of see the decor. 
"friendship noodles"
 long noodles represents longevity and lasting friendships
Dining set. The cup with the spout is for Chinese rice wine
and just like that, it's all over. One of the best classes I have ever taken in university has come to an end. Farewell liu xuesheng (international student) life.

After just under five months of working, the school graciously gives their thanks by organizing a thank you/farewell party for the soon to be departing Canadians. We could not have survived without the presence of our wonderful foreign teacher friends, so of course they were in attendance as well. The principal of the school even made it out to say thanks.
Whoever ordered the food did a fantastic job. Also, our professor bought over some fancy Canadian ice wine which is pictured in the cute little champagne glasses
Photo Cred: TanG
We kept the party at Xi'erqi tonight/called it an early night.

On a final note: do not take directions from me. ever. (thank goodness I have such nice friends)

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