Thursday, December 6, 2012

June 4; and tonight, we play Dungeons and Dragons

Day 120
Our dungeons and dragons session was looong overdue. We finally got around to play it and it was sooo much fun! All you need is your awesome set of dice...pen and paper...and a group of friends who actually want to play with you. But you have all the basics, you an go on for hours without noticing the time.

John is the dungeon master. We're playing in his imaginary world where he sets up the tasks, villains, and main plot. So him guiding the characters, here is where we are at so far:

So the story begins at Camino’s Tavern on the outskirts of the village of Dale. It’s a glum and rainy day. These are the best kind of days for Camino’s striving bar. The usuals come in to escape the poor weather and their less than adequate lifestyles.  Travelers of all sorts come in for temporary shelter. The exhausted ones can recuperate with an overnight stay at the inn above the bar. Groups are tucked away in their own spaces, minding their own business. At the bar Godric, Camino’s closest comrade, scans the area. A group of bards sit around the fire place illuminating the room with soft melodies. A gang of drunk barbarians sit around a table making a ruckus. An aasimar sits alone in a corner nestled with her owl. There are customers of all sorts, however Godric finds interest in a particular one. This special individual has spectacular dreadlocks and smooth honey coloured eyes(from Camino’s perspective) and is undeniably handsome (from Godric’s perspective). A group of men walk into the bar drenched in rain with hoods covering their faces. The calming melodies from the bards dies out and murmers fill the air. Mance Rayder (Heys) listens in on the mysterious men. He hears that things have been happening in Årkiva, a fishing town nearby Ülfstrad. The overly intoxicated barbarian puts his beer down, stands up, and announces his plans of travelling to Årkiva to find out more. [Heys roles the D20, a dice with 20 faces, and gets a natural 20 which means that he is successful in whatever he intends to do. In this case, people listen to his plans]. Now that everyone is aware, chatter fills the room. Enepsigos (Sigrid), the aasimar, befriends Mance Rayder and they plan to travel together. The noise only gets louder. The tavern may be an escape for other people, but it is not an escape for Camino. He sees this as an opportune moment to escape. Camino (me) approaches Mance Rayder and tells him to bring down the ruckus. Godric (Tanjin) finds Mance Rayder’s drunkenness and attitude repulsive so he puts a sword to his neck. People start to start. The last thing Camino wants is a bar fight so he tries to calm his friend. People start to react. Antares (Kristie) plays music and a calming song sweeps across the room restoring peace. It looks like Mance Rayder successfully forms a crew. After a brief meeting with Camino’s ill mother, Camino regretfully leaves the bar in the care of his dimwitted cousin, Oliver. As Mance Rayder, Enepsigos, Camino, Godric, Atticus, and Antares assemble outside the tavern, a man pokes out of the sea. The mayor offers 100 duckets for information from Årkiva. Mance Rayder [Heys rolls the D20 and gets a high number] successfully bargains for a better reward: 200 duckets. With the deal sealed, the motley crew embark on their 3 day journey to Årkiva. After walking for hours, the group notices the setting sun. Enepsigos tries to use her tree talking skills to pick up on clues but hears nothing but the sound of trees swoshing in the wind [Sigrid rolls the D20 and gets a really low score]. They find a place to camp out for the night and Mance Rayder ventures into the woods to get some firewood. En route, he encounters some wild men. Goal: defeat the wild men! [If you’ve played any RPG game before, it was probably based on D&D. Everyone takes turns, hit points vary depending on what you roll and the skills you have, attributes, weaknesses, etc…] Atticus realized his armor is too noisy and counter effective in the battle with wild men, so he decides to takes it all off. A brave move that was. The gang successfully kills the wild men and return back to the camp for the night. The group will continue their journey at sunrise.
[Recover hit points, minus one day's rations/food]
Mance Rayder and Dungeon Master
Eppy and Godric
Antares, Camino, Mance Rayder, and junkfood.
To really get into my character, I proudly wore a moustache. 

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