Sunday, December 30, 2012

June 16; packing requirements? Check. Party ready? double check

Day 132

Kristie and I went across town early in the morning to pick up some essentials at Yashow Market: a backpackers bag and a suitcase. After just under 2 hours of searching for the best deal and quality good, we walked away with the second largest suitcase we could find (the first was called the hippo and definitely exceeded regulation size) for 140 RMB and a "North Face" backpackers bag for 125 RMB. It was a bit over the budget but at least we could finally start packing. On our way back to the dorm, we took a black taxi (not licensed taxi) back to the dorm. That dirty old bastard tried to scam us for double on what we agreed on. At that point, I was fed up with bargaining and people trying to take advantage of us so I went off in English. I was pretty sure the man did understand a word I was saying, but he still got the message. 

We went to a couchsurfing event with Aunty Tom in the afternoon. As some of us were planning to be future surfer of couches, it was be a good way to meet people and learn more about the CS community. Everyone was really nice and easy to talk to. The ones who had been surfing had only good things to say about their experiences. I can't wait to start surfing! 

After the meeting we headed off to meet the gang for some delicious Korean food at the restaurant that started it all: Salangbang.
celebrities have been here
the gang
Photo Cred: Cat
no more makeoli
Photo Cred: Cat
Things we did that night: post-dinner/pre-party at Wu
The Canadians (un)
Photo Cred: Cat
The Canadians (deux)
Photo Cred: Cat
Club hopping! Dancing on platforms and stages! Having a fantastic time-ing! mmm, but all good things come to an end.To end off the night/starting off the new day at 4:00, we had an impossibly close encounter with a truck moving too fast for its own good. I thank the taxi man for swiveling over to the wrong lane and avoiding something I would have imagined to be something that looked like smithereen.

Things I'll miss about BJ: partying all night
Things I won't miss about BJ: dangerous driving

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