Sunday, December 30, 2012

June 17; Happy Father's Day Papa John!

Day 133
It's the first year I did not celebrate Father's Day with my dad this year. It's the longest I've had been away from my dad, let alone home (but honestly, I wouldn't change the way things have went). I called home and woke him up from his slumber to give him a quick wish and then let him go back to sleep, just to let him know that I remembered : )
In celebration of that hallmark holiday called Father's Day, the girls decided to treat our papa to Pyro's Pizza.  It slowly became a routine that late night Saturdays would often be followed by all you can eat pizza on Pyro Sundays, even in the absence of half-birthdays. It was a routine that I was warming up to and starting to love.
gonna miss this place!
condiments are scarce
mmmmm salad. 
Photo Cred: Cat
With our stomachs full of food, we went to Chaoyang Park for a picnic. We started to make our way to the park when we realized we turned too soon. So we sat in the shade and took pictures and ate food.
We eventually made our way to the park. We were all pretty stuffed, hot, and tired so lying on the grass beside the lake in the shade was the most fitting "activity".
There was a mini amusement park inside but the rides were either closed from the day or broken.
feeding the goldfish milk. what the...
Chaoyang Park admission fee: 5 RMB

We met with our friend Jeff for dinner at one of my personal favourite restaurants in Beijing, Annie's.
Fusillini with porcini mushroom = 28 RMB
And there ended my final food filled weekend in Beijing.

I will miss: Pyro Sundays and Annie's
I won't miss: the way pizza buffets are. (You sit at the table the waiter brings you pizza slice by slice. You have to wait for your food.)

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