Thursday, December 6, 2012

June 5; Dungeons and Dragons cont'd

Day 121
After a day of intense journal writing and ill behaved students, an escape from reality was what I needed.

The crew continues to move forward on their journey to Årkiva. The gang has been walking straight for a while. They do not hear or see anything of interest. Eppy tries to talk to the trees, but fails to hear anything. Finally, they see a bridge from a distance. As they begin to close the distance to the bridge, a troll appears. Battle time! Eppy herself is not as useful as her owl, who pokes the troll the eye. Camino’s slaps fail to have any effect on the troll and accidently stabs Mance Rayder with his corkscrew/dagger instead. [Angel rolls a D20 and gets a really low number] The others do a fine job fighting off the troll and Godric successfully pushes the troll off the cliff. Atticus the cleric heals the damaged members of the team and the group continues on. While Camino searches one side of the bridge and finds some random items and silver (currency), Eppy searches the other side and does not find anything useful.  They continue walking until dusk arrives. They find a place to camp out.  Eppy and Camino go into the woods for a shower. On their way back to camp, they spot a caribou. Camino successfully shoots the caribou providing 3 extra days worth of rations for the gang. [Angel rolls the D20 and gets a high number].

The next day, the gang arrives at the abandoned port town, Årkiva, just as the sun is setting. They see a local moving and he tells them there is find there is something fishy going on. They begin to search the houses for some clues before dusk, but find nothing of use. There is a church that stands tall in the middle of the town. As the gang moves closer towards the church, the scent of fish gets stronger. Inside, Mance Rayder successfully moves the ginormous stone aside to reveal a secret staircase. There are distinct marks on staircase that resemble claws. It also looks like it was built from the ground up. [It is because some members of the group have special skills that we are able to get that kind of information.]

Just as things start to heat up, we realize how much time has passed and we end for the night.

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