Saturday, December 29, 2012

June 14; goodbye my minies!

Day 130

Yesterday I said goodbye to my first class. At the end of the class, they attacked me with hugs and I literally felt trapped. The Chinese teacher came in and saved me though. Today, I said goodbye to the remaining three classes. They showered me with hugs and little gifts. Some students had cards ready made for me and others made cards during class. When the students who did not have anything prepared saw the other guys leave little things on my desk, they started to pull out things from their pencil cases: scissors, erasers, markers, pens, and other stationary things. They would have had better use of it than I would, however I could not decline their extremely generous and kindhearted gifts. It was all too adorable and sad. One of my little girls, Mary, even started to cry.
some cards I got from one of my classes
This made me smile/laugh.
I'm really impressed with the correct usage of apostrophes.
It was my last day of teaching in Beijing and I am really going to miss those little guys.

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