Monday, August 5, 2013

July 16; exploring Kyoto in my yukata

Day 9
Today, I paraded around in my yukata as we explored the neighborhood.
browsing the convenient store
Photo Cred: Cat
First stop: Nishijin Textile Center
cool machines and demonstrations
They have kimono fashion shows several times everyday. We got to catch one. 

Second Stop: The Kyoto City Archeological Museum
A free museum that was totally up Cat's alley.

Next stop: Kyoto International Manga Museum 
The museum is actually a giant manga library where people can pay an entrance fee to read all the mangas they want, until closing time. We arrived at the museum with less than an hour left and decided to just wander around the gift shop. 
Couldn't take any pictures inside... so here's a peek from the outside
reading yard
Last stop: Downtown Kyoto for Gion Matsuri
We celebrated the rest of the evening at the festival roaming the streets filled with fantastic food and fashion and fun.
Cat getting ready to go
girls in yukatas
happy people strolling
A popular festival game throughout Japan is a fishing game where players are given a rice paper paddle to catch their small goal fish.Whatever you catch is yours. The challenge: the rice paper is extremely thin and is prone to break at any time.
catching fish game
yay, person got one. 
more fun games.
Kristie sees turtle game. How would you bring that home...
food time!
Photo Cred: Cat

Soba noodles = 300 Yen
Grilled octopus = 200 Yen
This festival kind of makes up for me missing out on Pride and the Taste of the Danforth this year.

Vending machine of the day: 

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