Sunday, August 18, 2013

July 18; Feeling like lovely princesses

Day 11
Cat's aunt offered us her floors to sleep on during our stay in Osaka. She's got a great big warm heart and has been super hospitable. We woke up with breakfast and snacks galore thanks to her. Everytime we meet someone, we're totally treated like lovely princesses.  It's gonna be a fantastic few days. 
In front of the house
Continuing on to our princess fantasies, we visited the Osaka Castle today. Apparently the castle had been destroyed in the war and then rebuilt again only to be destroyed by thunder, and then it was rebuilt/restored again. Now the castle is a museum.

park washrooms
admiring the view
Osaka Castle
no fishing?
We went to the Osaka NHK broadcasting Centre for a quick visit and found the most interest in the childrens area with a London Olympics themed showcase and Domo.
giant domo!
Photo Cred: Cat
Every princess loves to shop so we went to the shopping district in Umeda
The huge department store called Hep 5 had a Ferris wheel!
Fresh udon soup for dinner
In the mall, there was an arcade floor where there were games, rides, and sticker picture booths!
you could send the pics to your phone

end results with our diluted eyes and blemish free skin.
Some entertainment before heading back
Final feelings: day one in Osaka made me really happy.

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