Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July 17; Sayonara Kyoto, hajimemashite Osaka!

Day 10

Toda was the Yamaboko Junko (grand parade). Although this was the grand parade, it did not mark the end of Gion Matsuri, it was only just past its halfway point.  The parade started around 9am and ended about 2. We admired the floats from the sidelines as some lucky people (builders?) got to ride it while others (unlucky ones) had to haul the float all through the streets in the scorching summer heat. But there were frequent stops where water or beer was served from cutely dressed helpers.
chilling and serving drinks
We had Japanese curry for lunch.
You order the voucher from the machine.
Original curry = 290 Yen

The last thing we did on our last day in Kyoto was visit Fushini Inari Shrine. It was a really nice place, but we didn't expect there would be so much hiking. As we were not properly dressed (or rather I was not properly dressed) we climbed half way to get pretty pictures and then climbed back down to get more pretty pictures.
so orange
Purification Stations
Kristie ringing the bell

That beautiful shrine marks the end of our time in Kyoto. We headed to catch the bus for our next stop: Osaka! The Brooklyn-Bronx of Japan
Good bye Kyoto!
w/ Kyoto Tower

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