Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 14; Hiking through Beijing

Day 69
Kristie and I had our first taste of Beijing summer weather with a visit to the fruits market. Sunny, warm, mid twenty weather – things were looking good!

Heys invited us out for a walking tour through Beijing today.
The Gang
Photo Cred: Catherine
While we were waiting for Bernie to arrive, Papa John let out some more information about our mothers. Papa John met my mother by saving her from a bear. When Agnel asked Papa John who was his favourite daughter, he was hesitant to answer. BUT when she switched the question to who is your least favourite he had no difficulties answering that one (it was me). Agnel is the rebel/sassy daughter, as one of my ½ sister describes. She wanted to move to New York to get an education that Papa John didn’t have ß when I said that, that’s probably where I lost affection points. haha

We spent 3-ish hours roaming the sun filled streets of Beijing walking, talking, and tanning. We didn’t end up getting to our original final destination, but that was more than okay. Getting lost with great company isn’t disheartening at all. If anything, it made it more fun =)
Tienanmen Square in the spring
Catherine and Kristie enjoying the summer weather
We made a pit stop at Xidan to grab some food.
The restaurant didn’t have any veggie friendly treats, so I opted for a nice cool dessert.  What’s better than a mango-y cold treat on a hot summer day?
Photo Credits: Catherine

The "berney recommended" mango slush with mango cubes
Mango slush with mango cubes = 30 RMB
We continued on our journey, but this time by subway. We met up with Heys friends from Germany and England, and chilled on a patio where others ate meat on a stick. While others were eating, we had a Disney sing a long, talked about fetishes and Chinese names among other random things.

Photo Credits: Kristie
As the sun went down, we made our way to a cozy little Spanish bar. As soon we entered, the sexy police officer lady offered the foreign looking dudes a special offer on drinks. Ugh, I wish I was a foreign looking dude. After getting drinks, we settled on some of the comfiest sofas ever. I miss sofas.
Heys and Mona being all cute
Papa John and Daughter Kristie bonding time!
Second round! Sangrias with Kristie
Sangria = 20 RMB (~$3.15 CND)
After almost falling asleep a few times (I couldn’t sleep), I decided to join the others in getting churros. 

It was good, but wasn't the best.

Since we missed the last subway ride home, we split up and got cabs. Hauling a cab was much harder than we thought. We waited for about 30 minutes before we got a cab, but Stu, a Londoner, kept us quite entertained with British slang and he even sang Oasis with us even though he hates them.  Whatta nice fellow.

This is what I’m gonna miss the most: meeting awesome people and just hanging out with my dysfunctional family.

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