Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 22; things are looking better

Day 77
The weather has been getting nicer, but there has been strange sightings of cotton looking things coming from trees. It looks like snow and it's annoying as hell.

The doctor said I should rest my voice, but after hearing my voice return in the morning, I was really excited to use it! I decided to give my voice a rest for the evening so I wrote down my thoughts in my Chinese class notebook.
I think I have more written notes than Chinese notes

Yesterday, we went to the train ticket office for the second time and were unsuccessful for the second time. We decided to take the journey down to the actual station to buy the damn tickets. The train station was much like Union station in New York, it was huge! We waited about 25 minutes in the line that said English speaker. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the person sitting there didn’t actually speak English. When we reached the front of the line, the lady sitting in the booth didn’t speak English as I predicted. BUT, she called someone who did speak English and in a matter of minutes we had wonderful service, minus the whole we don’t have tickets for this day or that... Anyways, the main thing was, we got tickets to get back to Beijing.

We still had half a day left to relax so I decided to call up a friend. He was down to hang out and coincidently, he was on the rooftop that we discovered the first time we hung out. Off we went to the hutongs area!
Berney's coffee art

The dressing was pretty watered down. It was aiiight. 
But the waiter was really nice and spoke English and had a tattoo on his wrist that I couldn’t decipher.
Caesar salad = 28 RMB (~$4.50 CND)

After an evening of writing, I learned about myself: It’s so hard not to talk/I talk too much.