Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 21; a visit to the doctors

Day 76
My voice literally went away today. It was a sign that I should visit a doctor. Something I dreaded and avoided for four weeks. Ugh.
The process:
Register for Examination: 41 RMB
Wait time – 15 minutes
Check up – Doctor took notes on my symptoms and then told me to go upstairs for a blood test.
Wait time – 15 minutes
Blood Test: 38 RMB
Wait time for results – 20 minutes – that’s right, I waited twenty minutes for the results of my blood test. Amazing.
Check up – diagnosis and prescriptions
Drugs: immediate and 85 RMB for three types of drugs.

Impression: I actually think it’s MUCH more efficient than Toronto. I was much more comfortable than I thought. But of course, you need to know the language or have someone who knows the language come with you.  

When I headed back to the dorm, one of the foreign teachers made me a veggie burrito with fresh salsa and tortilla chips. So nice =)
yay, delicious fresh food!

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