Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 20; Xidan with Xiaoni

Day 75
On this rainy day, I woke with a nasty voice this morning. Again. Ugh. But not to dampen the mod, we got to to hang out with our friend Xiaoni today! We went shopping in Xidan for souvenirs, nail polish, bows, accessories, and clothes. Yupp, total girls day out, just what I needed.
Matching bags!
Photo Credits: Catherine

Every time I see lensless glasses, I have an urge to poke through them.
Photo Credits: Catherine
Lensless glasses are all the rage in Asia. Why are they all the rage? Well, a friend told me that it has something to do with Asian features. Generally, Oriental people have flat faces and glasses give an illusion of more dimension I guess I could say. 
Chinese fast food - mixed vegetables and rice. mmm. 
Joy City Mall in Xidan
Pretty lights
A floor only for dating couples? We didn't go beyond the  fifth floor.
I learned some Chinese slang today:
Airen – literally meaning love person. I learned that it could be used to call wife/husband, but it can also mean mistress.
Shui ge – attractive/cool boy
Mei nui – beautiful girl
Fu nu – a person who likes gay people; not exactly a faghag though. More like a gay supporter.

Best purchase of the day:
The Fame: Chinese Edition.
I heard Lady GaGa was banned in China. I found her CD in a bookstore, meaning it’s legit.

China continues to surprise me.

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  1. Lol now I can speak to you in mandarin angel!!:)