Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 19; an unofficial dinner and movie night

Day 74
After trying and failing to get tickets to Xi’an for our 5 day holiday yesterday, we tried again today, but this time with the help of our Chinese teacher. She was kind enough to offer to take us to the train ticket station for a practical lesson in Chinese instead of staying inside a classroom and learning. The tickets were indeed sold out, but on the bright side we got tickets for Henan! The main thing is, we’re getting out of Beijing! Inconveniently, we can’t buy return tickets until a certain day, so we have to return back to the office to buy the tickets.

We had a family dinner today at one of Heys’ favourite local restaurant.
what was left
Papa John revealed some more information about our mamas: My mother was apparently hard to get. She never could return the love Papa John gave her. Papa John met Tanjin’s mother at a science conference in Vienna. Tanjin’s mother impressed Papa John with her incredible speech she gave at the conference.
I caught Papa John caught singing Weird Al.
Disappointed look.
Sister TanG looking really focused.
After dinner, we watched Wizard People up in the sanctuary. Wizard People is basically Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with a voice over. There is one person who does the voice over for the whole movie and it’s the funniest thing ever.

On random note, a few days ago Sheila sent us easter eggs a few days ago. Yay Canadian chocolate!!! Thank you Sheila!!

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  1. Happy super belated Easter!!!!!:) you guys look like you're having an awesome time~~~