Sunday, April 28, 2013

July 2; Venice of the Orient

Day 148

Imagine Venice with a splash of ancient Chinese culture... You've got yourself one of six ancient water towns. These water towns are located near Shanghai, on the banks of the Yangtze River. 

We originally planned to go to Tongli because it's one of the less popular towns, however we missed our bus because of the confusing directions to actually get to the bus station. Oh well, we got tickets for Zhouzhuang instead. It's the most popular water town and also one of the closest.  Sometimes things don't go as planned, but sometimes it works out better that way.

waiting room
on our way! 
Art Village just outside the water town
As a part of the bus ticket, we pay for admission to the water town as well. To my surprise, there are turnstiles at the entrances and exits of the water town. Sounds pretty touristy doesn't it?
We were given a choice to follow the tour guide or adventure on our own. We chose the latter of course. On our own, we discovered some beautiful places in this town.
first glimpse of the pre-town
People actually live in the houses
Boat rides - For a cost, you could take a ride in the canal.
I noticed it was  mainly elder  ladies rowing the boat. 
Photo Cred: Cat
Brilliant Kristie discovered that fish can actually hear. She saw that the fish gathered around when she snapped her fingers. I test the theory by playing some music for the fish to follow. The school of fish followed the music/me across the pond! Once One Republic's Fighter ended and The Arctic Monkeys came on, they swam away...  Guess they don't like monkeys.
wild chicken appears
End of town
Before going back to Shanghai, the tour (a tour wouldn't be complete with one of these) took us to a gift shop. Ugh, but luckily it wasn't for too long. We reached back to Shanghai to get our stuff and bid farewell to our lovely host. Our last night will be spend at my aunt's place. For dinner, the maid made curry!  =D  mm, great day. 

Things I miss: homecooked meals -- which I've had a few of now.

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