Sunday, April 28, 2013

July 3; Thank you and Goodbye Shanghai, you were so good to us.

Day 149

We woke up this morning in a beautiful Mediterranean style villa with breakfast waiting for us. Definitely feeling spoiled.
Kristie and I took advantage of the empty pool and went in for a bit.  We spent 2 hours just floating around and gossiping. Relaxing, and definitely what a vacation should feel like. Also, for a person who hadn't been been in a pool for years, I actually really like pools now.

In the late afternoon, we got ready to finally leave the mainland! Hong Kong, which is a SAR (Special Administrative Region of China) was our next destination. We went through Chinese customs and then we got this magical pass:
my pass for getting off the mainland
It was going to be an 18 hour train journey. We got first class sleepers, so there were 4 beds instead of 6... and there was a door (yay privacy). We were totally ready for the train ride. We watched Despicable Me, did some ghetto karaoke, watched the sky, and then had story time with the Life of Pi. Great book so far, the references to the Toronto Zoo reminds me of Scarborough! 

We will arrive in Hong Kong tomorrow. Can't wait to see what our next destination has in store for us!

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