Sunday, April 28, 2013

July 5; Hello Hong Kong: TST edition

Day 151

Today, we moved hostels to a more convenient location closer to the central area. This building, like the other, was full of different types of guest houses. 
We spent the day wandering around the Tsim Sha Tsui area, which is another major shopping area,

stumbled upon Kowloon Park,
what  surprise! flamingos! 

found the pier that looks out on Hong Kong Island,
can't believe we're actually here in Hong Kong

and we kept walking and came across this pretty little area. Thought this might have been a good place to shoot wedding photos.

We met up with Cat's friend, E, for dinner. He was great company and he even treated us out for Macau style Chinese food. So nice. 

I learned three more things today:
1) Hong Kong is a hell of a materialistic world of it's own..
2) Chung King Mansion is a little ghetto in Hong Kong.  The building is heavily populated with Nepalese, African, and South Asian refugees and illegal workers. Apparently, there's a lot of sketchy things that go on in there. I wish we knew this before cause we were actually going to book our hostel there. Our hostel is in Mirador Mansion, one building away from the Chung King Mansions. Despite the sketchyness of it all, it interests me greatly. For further reading, check out: Ghetto At the Center of the World, I know I definitely will.
3) food is amazing here -- just wanted to say that again

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