Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 10; Rooftops for Agnel

Day 65
Rooftops is a topic that I bring up quite frequently and nonchalantly in my conversations. Why? I just want to party on a rooftop.  
During dinner with the other foreign teacher friends, Heys said one of the nicest things someone has said to me all week after I brought up the subject of my rooftop party again:
“If I won the multimillion lottery, I’d buy you a rooftop ‘cause you always talk about it!”

On another note, yesterday I was actually called Helen (not my favourite name) by one of the foreign teachers whom I rarely talk to, and tonight one of the teachers thought my name was Elizabeth for a second (I like the name, sounds royal). I don't answer to those random names, as they sound nothing like Angel but I am starting to answer to the name Agnel though. My name is spelt Agnel on my notebook, payroll, and checklist for recharging my food card. Those around me have also started to call me Agnel more frequently too. I actually like that name. I think it’s one of the more unique nicknames – much better than Angie or Angela. I think I'll take the name back with me to Canada. 

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