Monday, April 9, 2012

April 3; Tianjin with Tanjin

Day 58
The school organized a day trip to a city outside of Beijing called Tianjin. Our day started off at 7 in the morning with a subway trip to the station and then a 30 minute bullet train ride to Tianjin.
Hash brown!!!!! with ketchup!!
Abed in the train station.
Waiting at the station with Kristie and Abed.
First time on a bullet train! So excited!
Once we reached, we split into groups and grabbed cabs and headed to the famous food street where we sampled some of Tianjin's delicacies.
Cat in a cab.
TV in the cab. Pretty cool
ma hua - Tianjin's famous treat
Tianjin's famous food street.

deep fried rice dough with red bean paste.
Not gonna lie, it was really oily, but interesting nonetheless. 
The second thing we did was eat lunch. Chinese people love to feed you. It’s fantastic.
With our stomachs full of food, we went to the cultural street which was full of stereotypical Chinese culture. Stereotypical Chinese culture as in pretty roofs, cute souvenirs, jade, art, calligraphy stuff, and even a temple.

Outside the really Chinese street was a stream.
Someone actually was swimming in it.
If you want Europe in Asia, Tianjin is the way to go. It’s a gorgeous little area with European influenced architecture, sounds of Europe transcended through the various musicians scattered around the area, and an assortment of Western European restaurants.
Walking to the Italian Quartres
People taking picture
Getting closer..
Here we are!
We decided to enjoy the almost patio weather at a fancy Italian cafe.
Kristie and Cat dancing to random music in the pseudo-Italian streets.
After the Italian area, we ended up eating dinner at a fast food joint and extended our stay from 5:30 to 9:30 and got the last ticket home.
Eggplant rice. Not very tasty. 
Goodbye Tianjin!
So if you’re ever in Beijing, I recommend you visit Tianjin while you’re at it!

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